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Theatre breaks

Theatre breaks are an increasingly popular variation on the weekend away format that many couples enjoy together. A theatre break will typical involve spending the night in another city, eating in a restaurant, watching a show and then staying in a hotel. Many people will travel to cities which are renowned for their theatres and Londonís west end is a popular choice for people on theatre breaks. Some people may also take theatre breaks overseas, Prague is a popular choice for many as it is famed for its backlight theatres.

There are many websites that are able to offer package deals on the theatre breaks; the UK only has a whole host of theatre break websites geared towards marketing theatre breaks package deals in London. These theatre breaks package deals are an increasingly popular and hassle free way for people to enjoy theatre breaks. However theatre breaks are often available as package deals in cities other than London, and many major cities are popular destinations for people wishing to enjoy theatre breaks and are not in easy reach of London.

Theatre breaks can frequently become quite expensive, particularly if good seats are desired, which can sometimes cost hundreds of pounds in the most up market theatres. However theatre breaks to suite all budgets are available, although cheaper theatre breaks may require people to compromise on which seats they have in the theatre.